Learn about our emergency tree removal services in the Edgemoor & Rock Hill, SC area

Hurricanes can cause significant damage in the Edgemoor & Rock Hill, SC area, but the danger doesn't pass when the winds die down. Uprooted, leaning and cracked trees can topple days or even hours after the storm passes. So when it's safe to do so, call the Tree Techs of Rock Hill for emergency tree and stump removal services.

We'll come prepared with state-of-the-art tree and stump removal equipment, including...

A bucket truck to remove hard-to-reach limbs
An excavator to remove the trunk and roots
A stump grinder to remove what's left

We'll also clean up the debris. Contact us today to get emergency tree removal work done.

Helping business owners get back to normal

Fallen trees can block driveways and parking spots, making it difficult or unsafe for small businesses to reopen. But by relying on us for emergency tree removal services, you can get back to business as usual.

Call (803) 500-4982 now for fast service in Edgemoor, SC or a surrounding area.